Strategic Thinking

We believe some of the brightest strategists work for your organization. BUT often they lack the tools to develop effective strategies. Leading your team to do their own strategic thinking—to develop strategy that delivers results is what we do. We:

  • Are big on getting the whole system in the room. We work to help leaders clarify their vision and then use processes to build a cohesive vision community together around that vision
  • Stage and drill down on the right questions and processes that identify needed pruning, innovations and strategies
  • Help your team write productive and effective strategies that will deliver measurable results and deliver value to stakeholders
  • Develop dashboards and tools to measure not just outputs but outcomes as well


Organizational Development

One word describes our focus if we are helping you build productive capacity: effectiveness. We help organizations:

  • Identify and address cultural impediments that get in the way of effective mission delivery
  • Design or redesign program processes so they contribute to strategy execution and mission impact
  • Equip and train you with the leadership tools you need to drive organizational effectiveness and build capacity


Research & Assessment

We are prone to errors about where to go next when we use other people’s research, misconceive reality and then make bad assumptions about who we are serving. Good research—listening—helps prevent this. Using a range of research and assessment tools, we dig deep for the facts in your community, context or constituency to help you make more informed decisions. We focus on next generations and help you to do the same. We draw high value, actionable insights from the data that equip you and your team to take your next strategic step with confidence.


Knowledge Stewardship

Getting your content online isn’t our focus but helping you steward knowledge in the interest of the common good inside your organization and beyond, is. Our knowledge management strategies and processes release latent knowledge by making it visible, accessible and useful for life change on the map and off. We see lifelong learning as essential to your organization’s longevity. Serving emerging generations with powerful knowledge is not just a privilege but a responsibility. We:

  • Create unique organizing frameworks for bringing order to the information
  • Excavate latent knowledge from the past as well as present knowledge workers
  • Package it for life change and mission impact
  • Create business plans to monetize knowledge where appropriate